Tag Renewals and Vehicle Registration

Note: You must register/renew in your county of residence.  If you have had a change of address you will need to present proof of residency to your local license office. 

If you have moved within Shelby County (you must already be registered in and have an established account with Shelby County) in the last 12 months you can now update your address by emailing your info to tags@shelbyal.com . You must scan a copy of your proof of residence and send along with owners name(s) and corresponding vehicle tag number(s). (If you have more than one vehicle in your name include tag numbers for all vehicles you wish to update). Any of the following documents are acceptable: Current utility bill (ex: landline, gas or power), deed, lease or mortgage statement. The document must clearly show the current owner and that owner should match one of the owners of the vehicle(s). Once your address is updated you will receive a confirmation email. If it is your renewal month please wait for confirmation email before renewing. Due to variances in municipal taxes there may be a change in your total.

 Documentation Requirements

  • Due to Alabama’s mandatory liability insurance law, a valid, state-issued driver's license, non-driver's identification card, or national driver's license must be provided for each owner reflected on the vehicle title.
  • If there are two owners and their names are joined by "and,” both owners must be present to sign the title application or one has to send an original notarized power of attorney. If there are two owners with no connecting word, it is considered "and." If names are joined by "or," only one owner is needed to register the vehicle. Each owner reflected on the vehicle title must present a valid government issued driver's license or non driver's ID.

Alabama Mandatory Liability Insurance Law 

Beginning January 1, 2013, Shelby County licensing officials must comply with requirements for verification as outlined in the Alabama Mandatory Liability Insurance Law before registration/renewal can be processed.

License Plate Information and Requirements (State of Alabama)


This information is only a summary of title and registration procedures and not intended to be a complete explanation of Act 200-565.