Drivers License & ID Renewals & Replacements

** New ** Effective October 1, 2020 every air traveler will need a STAR ID or Passport for domestic air travel.  STAR IDs are issued only by State Employees at Alabama Law Enforcement Agency Driver License exam offices. County operated license offices cannot issue STAR IDs. County staff can continue to provide DL renewals / duplicates.
For information on what forms of documents are needed to obtain a STAR ID please visit the ALEA website.

Note:  You may now renew your Alabama Drivers License up to 6 months prior to expiration. 

:  If the vehicle owner has a name change, the name must be updated on the driver’s license/ID AND the vehicle title. Updating your driver’s license does not change the name on your vehicle title. The title must be presented to the licensing official to update the name. 

Renewing or Replacing Your ID

Your Alabama driver’s license must be renewed every four years. You may renew your license within 6 months of the expiration date of your current license. Standard renewals, replacement license, or name and address changes to existing license may be processed at any location within the state where renewals are processed.

Note: If you wish to make a change to your driver’s license it will require an $31.25 duplication fee unless processed at the time of renewal.

If you do not need to make any changes to your drivers license you may be eligible to renew online.

Documentation Needed 

All documents must be originals (no copies). If your license or state-issued ID becomes lost, destroyed, illegible, or there is a name or address change, you can obtain a duplicate at any Shelby County license office. You will be required to furnish acceptable identification (no photo copies) in the form of two or more of the following documents for license or IDs that are lost, destroyed, or illegible:

  • Certificate of Birth issued by the State Department (FORM FS-545)
  • Certificate of Naturalization (FORM N-570)
  • Certificate of United States Citizenship (FORM N-560)
  • Current United States passport
  • Original certified birth certificate
  • Social Security Card
  • US Citizen Born Abroad (FORM DS-1350) 

For Name Changes

You must have both: 

  • Current license
  • Social Security Card - Must be updated to reflect name change (required). Cannot update name on same day visit to social security. You must wait until it updates the next day.

and one of the following:

  • Marriage License
  • Divorce Papers (must state you can claim your maiden name)
  • Adoption papers
  • Court Order for name change

Note: Photocopy and fax copies are not acceptable

Accepted Methods of Payment

  • Cash
  • Checks drawn on an Alabama state bank with current Alabama photo ID or driver’s license made payable to: License Office
  • MasterCard/Visa/Discover/Amex (credit or debt)

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