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Shelby County Water Services serves both retail and wholesale customers. The retail customers, who total more than 12,500 accounts, are primarily located in Westover, Chelsea, and the subdivisions of Eagle Point, Greystone, Forrest Park, Forrest Lakes, Mt. Laurel, Regent Park, Villas Belvedere, and Highland Village. The retail customer accounts have grown from 3,200 in 2001. Part of that increase was from the former Westover Water Authority, which merged with Shelby County Water Services in 2007.

The active wholesale customers are Alabaster, Pelham, and Sterrett-Vandiver. These water systems utilize significant amounts of water from Shelby County Water Services and sell the water to their customers.

Shelby County Water Services gets water from the Coosa River, and treats the water in two water treatment plants. One of the plants is the Talladega/Shelby Water Treatment Plant near Childersburg and is jointly owned by Talladega County and Shelby County. The other plant is the Shelby County South Water Treatment Plant near Wilsonville, which is owned and operated by Shelby County and began production of drinking water in 2008.

Please remember to call Alabama 811 at the telephone number 811 before digging. IT IS THE LAW!   The water main (or other utility line) that you save from damage might be the one that serves you and your neighbors!

For bill remittance and service inquires (including but not limited to: transfer service, turn on service, turn off service, request service technician), please contact:
Shelby County Water Services
Customer Service Office
E-mail: cs-water@shelbyal.com
Phone: (205) 678-2818

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