Marriage License

If you need to make corrections to your marriage certificate please see form and instructions below:

  • Print the Amendment to Alabama Marriage Certificate and Decree of Correction form and complete with the appropriate information. Deliver the completed and notarized form to the Probate Office for recording along with a filing fee.
  • The form must be notarized before bringing it in for filing, and it must be filed in the Probate Office within 30 days of being signed. The Probate Office must receive and file the original form, but the Shelby County Probate Office will provide a certified copy for their personal records.

A list of instructions for completing and filing the Alabama Marriage Certificate as well as a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the forms can be located at

Weddings at the Courthouse

While a wedding ceremony is no longer required by law, the gazebo adjacent to the Courthouse is offered as a no charge convenience on a first come, first serve basis for those wishing to have a wedding ceremony.