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Dec 18

Shelby the Bald Eagle is the Alabama Wildife Center's newest Ambassador

Posted on December 18, 2018 at 2:21 PM by Chris Hershey

On Saturday, December 15, the pubic and the Alabama Wildlife Center patrons were treated to seeing it's newest education ambassador, "Shelby" a young bald eagle, being placed in her new enclosure at Oak Mountain State Park.

EagleShelby will play a key role in AWC’s conservation education programming. She is a beautiful two-year old female Bald Eagle, who is unable to survive in the wild as a result of injuries sustained when she was hit by a car. Shelby suffered head trauma, and the loss of vision in one eye, making her unable to hunt effectively. She is the only Bald Eagle on educational display in central and northern Alabama.
Shelby is a large Bald Eagle with an eight foot wingspan, weighing almost 14 pounds. Visitors to AWC will be able to see Shelby in her state-of-the-art enclosure, and watch as she develops the characteristic white head and tail feathers associated with Bald Eagles. Most Bald Eagles display this white plumage by the time they are five years old.”

Shelby County